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PD200 Siren Drive Unit



PD200 High Power Pressured Drive Unit
  • Greater Power
  • Greater Clarity
  • Greater Reliability
  • Designed for mobile and static use under extreme climatic conditions
  • Virtually Indestructible


The PD200 is the most advanced high powered siren compression driver available.


The PD200 produces the clearest signal possible. The purity of signal is unequalled by any other high powered siren driver. This is made possible by the unique diaphragm dome and suspension. The coil former is specially formed from a material capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 300° Celsius. The coil is wound from high temperature self bonding copper which incorporates the 'Hi-Ferric'™ coil control system.


The PD200 employs the very latest 'State of the Art' rare earth magnet technology which develops extreme magnetic strength, yet is compact in size and ultra light in weight.


The PD200s are unaffected by climatic changes, even when in continuous use over long periods of time.

There is virtually no magnetic leakage so that these drivers may be used in relatively close proximity to other electronic equipment including diagnostic equipment without degrading the information required.


Power output is 125db with standard 3-stage re-entrant horn.


The PD200 has been designed and manufactured as the world leader in ultra high efficiency full range drive units. The very latest technology has been applied to creating the most compact, powerful and virtually indestructible siren compression driver available anywhere in the world.


This siren driver is specially designed to meet the rugged demands of the mobile emergency services including the Police, Ambulance, Fire, Civil Defence, Marine Police and Customs Authorities.


We are only able to supply the PD200 directly to official government organizations, emergency services and recognised distributors of siren products.




Magnet system: Neodymium Rare Earth with 'Hi-Ferric'™ Coil Control System.
S.P.L.: 125dB at one metre with suitable horn fitted.
Impedance: 7 ohms. Other values to order.
Frequency response: 280-8500 Hz.
Power Rating (RMS): 100 watts.
Maximum Power 130 watts
Dimensions: PD200 Unit only:
Dia 11.0cm x Length 8.0cm.
With standard circular 3 part re-entrant horn fitted:
Dia 15.0cm x Length 14.5cm.
Weight: 1.6 kg


Prices on application


Specifications subject to modification without prior notice in the interests of design improvements.



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