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About Us

Paul Voight

Music is our passion. Our motto "Towards Perfection" has remained from the pioneer days when Lowther's founder, Paul Voigt, pictured left, designed and built the very first twin cone, full range drive unit. Since the early 1950s, Lowther has exported over 90% of its manufacturing to audiophiles worldwide. In almost every country in the world there are discerning music lovers demanding only the very best sound reproduction possible, these are Lowther owners.

"Lowther for life" means just that, as once heard, nothing else can suffice. Those that have "strayed" return to Lowther stating no other speakers can do what Lowther can, which is to ensure that the listener hears pure music, oblivious to the presence of speakers in the listening room.

All Lowther drive units and enclosures are totally hand built, using only the finest materials. Over the decades improvements have continually been made. Most recently, for example, the introduction of the EX range of drive units, our latest design coil/cone assembly, the phase equalizer, our rare earth magnet technology and the "Hi-Ferric" coil control system.

Feedback we receive from Lowther owners can be read on our Customer Comments page. From these comments, you will see, the upgrade of drive units to the very latest specification ensures the best sound reproduction possible. "Towards Perfection" is what we strive to achieve and wherever possible will endeavour to reach that aim.

Lowther welcomes any enquiries, whether technical or sales related, so do contact us, we would be glad to hear from you.