Lowther EX3 Drive Unit
EX4 Drive Unit with new cone assembly.EX4 Drive Unit
DC Resistance of Voice Coil Re 7.4 ohms
Free Air Resonance Fo 45 Hz
Emission Piston Area Sd 0.021M²
Equivalent Volume Suspension Vas 61.941 Ltrs
Suspension Compliance Cms 989.130 u M/N
Mass of Cone Mmd 11.0 g
Mass of Moving Parts Mms 12.75 g
Force Factor Bl 9.99 T-M
Mechanical Q Factor Qms 3.107
Electrical Q Factor Qes 0.266
Total Q Factor Qts 0.245
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1 kHz Le 34.658 uH
Reference Efficiency No 2.026%
Sound Pressure Level SPL 95.084 Db