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From the very beginning it was accepted without question that using a horn in a loudspeaker system was the most effective, if not the only way to achieve acceptable standards of sound reproduction. But factors such as the limited availability of suitable materials and ways of reproducing sound, i.e. drive units, resulted in seeking other types of loudspeakers. Naturally, progress was made, but it did not alter the fact that basically, the horn remained best as Lowther have continued to prove now for many years.


ALL LOWTHER LOUDSPEAKERS EMBODY THE ACOUSTIC HORN PRINCIPLE. Theoretically, this could ideally involve an exponential horn some 4.27m long and 1.52m wide at its mouth. One could be forgiven for wondering how such a device might fit into the home, remembering that a second horn would be required for listening to stereo. The answer to that was to fold the horn in upon itself within manageable dimensions which would bring it to about the size of a conventional speaker cabinet without sacrificing quality. Not only was this successfully achieved by Lowther; their research set in motion developments of such magnitude that Lowther loudspeakers alone achieve standards unsurpassed by any other domestic loudspeaker in the world. Now, the Fidelio and Academy, in keeping with Lowther tradition, take performance standards to new heights of living realism.


THE ACOUSTIC HORN The acoustic properties of a tapered hollow shape are familiar the world over. From use of cattle horns, musical instruments are most likely to have evolved to become trumpets and such like. Horns are ideal carriers of sound. Skills and scientific technology made it possible to control the form and functions of horns. Their value in sound conduction has never been equalled. Lowther, an English company pioneered and developed acoustic horns to become highly sensitive loudspeakers able to function beautifully using little power from the amplifiers which drove them.


THE BICOR SYSTEM An original and exclusive Lowther development which has contributed greatly in establishing the superiority of Lowther design. Its application to Lowther's labyrinthine (internal folded) horn technology has been to eliminate completely the barrier effect of standing wave patterns in horns, leaving still cleaner, clearer sound.


THE LOWTHER DRIVE UNITS Certain that the horn was the natural medium through which sound could best be reproduced, it was essential to have drive units capable of exploiting to maximum the advantages horns offered. To meet such demands, Lowther designed and manufactured their own drive units to such exceptionally high standards of efficiency that today they are accepted as the world's best and used wherever quality is the first consideration.


‘HI-FERRIC'™ COIL CONTROL This original and exclusive Lowther feature automatically ensures that travel of the speech coil within the loudspeaker's own magnetic field and which is both extremely rapid and short is electronically monitored so precisely that overshoot cannot occur. The result is amazing separation between voices, instruments, groups and soloists. No other loudspeakers in the world incorporates ‘Hi-Ferric'™, which is why sound takes on even newer depths, newer range, newer qualities.



Fidelio Internal Construction THE FIDELIO
This model meets the demand for a conventionally styled loudspeaker in which design and performance are developed and refined to ever better standards. The Fidelio in fact provides an excellent example of how Lowther's policy of integrating purpose designed drive units and special horn systems results in loudspeakers that cannot be bettered. Their unique air-loaded horn structure coupled with Lowther's own world exclusive ‘Hi-Ferric'™ drive unit, the EX2, shows just how a loudspeaker can be designed to sound completely natural no matter what the sound source might be. The listener with a preference for directly radiated (stereo) sound as in solo or full orchestra is sure to find this speaker particularly satisfying.


The Fidelio Mk II is a modified version that has been designed to permit the fitting of PM2A or PM5 drive units.

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Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling Capacity 100 watts
Frequency Range 40-22,000 Hz
Drive Unit Lowther EX2 (Other Lowther drive units to choice)
Dimensions Height 100cm Width 28cm Depth 44cm
Weight 50kg



Academy Internal Construction THE ACADEMY
The unique design principles which have so successfully served Lowther loudspeakers have never been put to better advantage than in the Academy. Two Lowther EX2 drive units are arranged in the newly formatted cabinet to provide that broadly spread 'panoramic' sound image enjoyed by critical listeners so much today. And so that purity of sound quality may be maintained to the utmost, there are no crossover or other electronic filters between the drive units to introduce distortion into the sound. The harmoniously styled cabinets make it easy to accommodate the Academy or Fidelio speakers in any decor.

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Impedance 4 - 8 ohms
Power Handling Capacity 100 watts
Frequency Range 40-22,000 Hz
Drive Units 2 x Lowther EX2 (Other Lowther drive units to choice)
Dimensions Height 100cm Width 29cm Depth 43cm
Weight 60kg



Cabinet Finishes


Black Mirror Effect Lacquer, Iridescent Sparkle, Silver or Hand-Polished Real Wood Veneers.

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Specifications subject to amendment without prior notice where design developments permit advancement.


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