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The EX2 speakers sound fantastic, I didn't think rear facing drivers would make that much difference.

M Barber, UK

I received the DX3 yesterday and am listening as I type this.  Wonderful sound. Thanks for everything.

Thank you so much.  You've been great to work with.

P McCravy, USA

Just a quick note to let you know my drivers are sounding better than ever!  As you suggested last time we spoke it's obviously the running in process starting to take affect.  Not only am I getting a better sound in general but it is certain specifics, such as detail, dynamics, imaging and sound stage all improving I'm sure.  I dug out a CD I've had some years, Harp music, and which I know well, and the sense of presence was quite marked.  My wife remarked "sounds like it's in the room" so she obviously noticed the quality too....

H Dell, UK

I am delighted with the PM7As.

R Arscott, UK 

With the exception of QUAD, I know of no other audio company whose products last so long and are as well supported - thank you for that.

J Bonner, UK 

My family have purchased your speakers for many years and have never found any better.

Best wishes and thanks for your brilliant product.

N Mills, UK

Today I received the pair DX45 and fitted these already... The sound is excellent and the DX45 is a very good indirect facing drive unit.

A Mau, Germany

All the best for you and all at Lowther. Keep going strong to build such great speakers. In the meantime mine are played in a little and I really do enjoy them.

R Kovacs, Switzerland

Btw, the new DX4 is now run-in and sounds wonderful!

J Lee, Hong Kong

Excellent service as always.  Many thanks.

P Ware, UK

I have received the DX4 driver and I have installed it 2 days ago.  It functions beautifully.

Thank you for all the assistance.

K C Tay, Singapore

You sent me a pair of EX3 drive units as part of your exchange programme. They sound very nice!

A Sinclair, UK

I have just attained "ultimate sweetness". These speakers are simply amazing.

Best regards

R Brody, USA

Just a note to you all to say a BIG thank you. I received the DX4 drivers a little while ago and have only now been able to set them up. I realise it will be some time before the components mature and start to sound anything like, but even now it does sound very very good. I just want to say thank you, you have been very helpful in what has been a long saga of getting this right.

With very best wishes

M Schwaller, UK

Immediately I'd noticed that the presentation were more direct than before. I am glad I'd ordered the silver coils.

Kind regards

T Vikeby, Norway

The new drive unit is souding great, even while still running-in!

Best regards

J Hickes, UK

The PM5As work fine! Great loudspeakers!

I Skichko, Ukraine

Arrived at Chile my pair of Lowther PM6C. Very excellent condition!! Thanks for you and Jack Rosenberg my dealer in Chile.

H Vilches, Chile

My Lowthers DX4 arrived today in perfect conditions and they are just working. And what a difference..Yet without burning. Please let me enjoy these gems. Many, many, many thanks.

A Sa Monteiro, Portugal

I am glad to send an email to Lowther Company to ask questions regarding Hegeman Lowther Speakers. I have used Acousta Later version (original from UK) and have been absolutely satisfied by Lowther sound. That sound is amazing and fantastic, as more as I study and try to make matching with various amp, these sound put my soul to different world.

M Kim, S. Korea

I have been very happy doing business with you, thank you for the good service.

P Solås, Norway

You are the best as always. Your support is always the highest possible. Thank you once again.

G Charopoulos, Greece

I wish to let you know that I am very happy with the original DX4 driver which sounds distinctively better than the modified Rethm design. I just wonder why I have not known this earlier. I could have replaced them ten years ago.

K Tay, Singapore

Thank you so much for this wonderful transaction, and the DX4s are simply superb!

J Albano, USA

Thanks for the fine and comprehensive service.

E Shokroun, Israel

I enclose the return of the PM7A drivers as part of the exchange system. I have received my new drivers and am very pleased with them.

F Woodhead, UK

Thank you very much for your support in making this experience possible. I won't be surprised to find the DX3 to sound sweeter as it's already shown good sound character within 2 hours play. Thank you.

T Tan, Indonesia

Thank you to all who participated for your service and excellent products! I hope for further cooperation.

D Alexandrovish, Russia

Thanks for the ultra-fine customer service you provided me with.

A Flint, UK

Many thanks to you and the whole team at Lowther Loudspeaker Systems for the excellent service and prompt delivery.

S H Wong, Singapore

I greatly appreciate the wonderful support, exchange and products.

J Meiklejohn, USA

...I'm sure that they will sound as great as they look. Thank you for your excellent service!

J Berggren, Sweden

I am delighted with the new DX4 drivers which are a very worthwhile improvement over the PM7As.

F Brookfield, UK

After two sessions of hearing them [own PM2A drive units fitted with new phase equalizers] my impression is that the sound is much more homogeneous and accurate. I have also noticed more sweetness and depth in the voices. The high frequencies are already very good with my great wood spinners. However a very positive impressions!

F Fascinari, Italy

I am very, very happy with the result. The new speakers sound really good. Thank you very much for the great service of replacement.

C Quintana, Spain

Thank you for the quick turnaround on making my units, I am very happy with them. !!

D Louden, UK

Thanks, the EX3s are great.

M Barber, UK

By the way, the new drivers are making wonderful music, I'm surprised how much better they are! The silver voice coils suit my room and my ears.

D Greeff, France

We are very happy with the new DX3 units. Your advice was very apt, the Bicor now play so much better in our living room! The boomy bass of the PM6C is gone, and high-frequency extension is superb. Thank you again for your assistance.

Y and M Paelecke, Germany

Yesterday I received the drivers. I am very happy. PM2A is a wonderful driver. Thank you.

V Korosi, Hungary

About Lowther quality, I really want to say you that EVERY person I've invited at my home remains amazed. And me too, even if two years are passed from my first Lowther approach.

P Slaviero, Italy

Thanks for your help, patience and superb service!!!

C Grundy, UK

With thanks again for your prompt and highly professional service.

M Mason, UK

I received the two drivers the other day in perfect condition - beautifully packaged by the way. Thank you so very much for your (& Lowther's) great service! It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your company - very professional.

J Brownlie

I am super satisfied with the new units [DX2 upgraded from PM6C], they sound great.

L-G Silfwerbrand, Sweden

My beginning of 2012 was gladdened by listening to music with my new Accolade 2! A quite mystical experience, shared with friends of mine. One of them yesterday was really touched by their sound. I would like to tell you my personal modification from original plan.

First of all I've used 19 mm MDF for the external of cabinet, keeping internal and mutual measures rigorously the same of the original. I've obtained a little bigger cabinet, heavier, and in my opinion more rigid.

The second was the use of PM6C + C45 drivers. I've tried on Acousta C, DX and A series, and for me, for my preferences, the best is C. So I've used this couple.

I've put them over two self-made stands to obtain optimal height. I've finished cabinets with walnut veneer and colourless, transparent acrylic paint.

Results are, as said, incredible. Total cleanliness of sound, both voices and instruments, very high efficiency (4 W are really enough to not to be able to understand someone speaking to you!!!), sound scene very wide, total sense of reality. Another great Lowther project! Thanks to all of you for your ideas and products! Best regards,

P Slaviero, Italy

We have just received the loudspeakers. Thank you for very good service. Kind regards

I Mattsson, Sweden

My phase equalisers have arrived, they have definately made a significant difference and my old speakers are revitalised yet again (this now their third upgrade), fantastic. Many thanks.

M Schwaller, UK

Please extend my thanks to the whole team for getting the drive units out to me - they arrived Friday, were fitted later that day after my cabinet maker increased the size of the mounting aperture so they would fit, and I ran them all weekend. I have just returned from a very successful demo - hearing them for the first time, the potential customers were completely blown away by the clarity of sound from a PA speaker/amp. It was a reasonably sized hall yet it was filled with a pure sound which was consistent throughout the hall. I also demonstrated a model fitted with a Fostex driver which sounded good but nothing like as clear (although one listener preferred it because it sounded "warmer").

A Winsor, UK

"…thanks for your hospitality. I never considered myself a Lowther fan: I am a fullrange fan for sure though…that all changed." David

"…It was my pleasure to visit you at RMAF; I have told a number of people about the Ingenium, which is the best sounding speaker of its type (in general, referred to by most as a "Lowther" type driver) I've heard to date." P Bizlewicz

Both comments given to Teresonic LLC, USA

After years of designing and building amplifiers and loudspeakers I finally thought I reached the ultimate target. Full range ESL loudspeakers going down to 30Hz and for the mid/high perfect speed and frequency performance. The aim for such loudspeaker has always been, low mass, low distortion making the reproduction as close to the circumstances as the audio was recorded with an ultra light microphone membrane. BUT apart from realizing this audio dream there was still another curious area that stayed in my mind for decades....Horn speakers.

Pfennings Design

Building tube amplifiers for over the years and loving the short signal paths and above all the sound, I had to leave them since ESL's could only be driven with high-power amplifiers. Horn loudspeakers with their very high efficiency would also return tube amplification so that sounded like a win-win situation. Apart from their performance I always liked the challenge of calculating a horn and eventually building one that sounds and looks nice.

After a lot of reading and calculating one thing was obvious, I had to follow the leaders in this field when selecting a driver and therefore it had to be a Lowther unit. DX4 it would be, at least simulations and calculations pointed me clearly into that direction.

Now the evil plan was a fact. Calculating started with the driver parameters and mechanical restrictions, what dimensions would still fit through a door and would not touch the ceiling. With this in mind and the realistic target of having a low performance at 40Hz (wall/corner placed) it resulted in a horn length of 3.5m and a horn mouth of 80cmx60cm (door width ;-) ). This is not a loudspeaker that can be easily build or modified so the approach is, calculate ten times, measure two times and saw once. Before bending and gluing the plywood I did make a small paper scale model. It seems silly but it really learned me to get to know what is possible in a construction and what is not. Well after that it was a matter of spending weeks and months executing the plan of which the finishing took 50% of the time (mind you if you want to stay married the looks are very important too).

Completing the mechanics, mounting the units....small tube amplifier connected...music! Organ music, double bass, drums.....now THAT is low distortion low frequency! Still not happy with the mids though. Small filter and the sound was almost spot on. After weeks of playing music, the filter can be skipped again due to break in and the fine tuning is limited to the right selection of phase plug. Lowther shout? I sincerely believe that if somebody encounters annoying peaks in the frequency curve, the cause will be found in either a bad horn design (less low=high mids), drivers having no break in and/or listening on axis whereas in some cases it's nicer to listen slightly off-axis. I did measurements and they were spot on compared to the simulations and calculations (straight line down to 40Hz).

Now the next step is to build a set of very nice 300B SET amplifiers to feed these "raindog" horn the food they deserve and to make sure that also the very low signal to the loudspeakers is of the highest quality.

Apart from the performance of such fine Lowther drivers I am very pleased with Lowther as a supplier and the excellent communication, advice and service they provided during this project.

A Pfennings, The Netherlands

Tell the design/manufacturing dept. to keep up the good work. I started with Lowther PM6 in 1979. Fostex full range offer a good sound, I used a pair in cabinets I built for a friend, but I couldn't listen for too long. Even the Tannoys and B&Ws we used in our recording studios can't compete with the details Lowther offer.

T Logie, South Africa

Thank you for the wonderful & immaculate service.

C P Tan, Singapore

Thanks so much for your excellent services which make Lowther to be trusted and enjoyed.

A Cheung, Hong Kong

It was the very first time that I listened to something truly unique. Sound was full, dense, with lustre, it was glossy with sparkle. It was very dynamic, magnitudes of order more dynamic and dense against older PM5 units. And this was the first time that I clearly was not listening any 'fullrange shout'. HF extension was smooth and even, exactly as you had written me. I remember your words that you had done a serious upgrade to the cone assembly, something that has taken out the well known Lowther shout. It was exactly as you had mentioned!

As you described me, the difference was mainly on high frequencies, more HF extension, lustrous & glossy sould with sparkle and finesse. More dynamic and vivid sound...

Please pass on our congratulations to your design and manufacturing team. They have done a very good job!

P Avgeris, Greece

The excellent service I received.......just reinforces my positive views about Lowther Loudspeakers; you delivery truly outstanding products and have a customer service ethic second to none. Many thanks to all involved.

R Paice, UK

I just bought EX2 as a service exchange, an upgraded version with improved material, and especially the speaker terminal (binding post) are high quality gold plated universal standard. They not only look nice but marvellous. The service and communication was superb. Thanks to Lowther team in England.

M Nayar, UAE

Thank you very much for leading me back into the wonderful world of audio after 20 years' absence.

R Venning, Australia

Many thanks for the DX3 units, now fitted, which sound great. I am so pleased that I have stayed with my 'old' Acoustas, now given a new lease of life. They sound so much better than all the modern brash speakers that I listened to in the local hi-fi dealers.

Thanks again for your help and advice.

J Mountain, UK

Thank you. You're very helpful. It's nice doing business with you.

A Soeroso, Indonesia

I would just like to say a HUGE THANKYOU for the years of pure pleasure my Lowthers have given me - and I know many more to come.

.... I am currently running them in and already they are sounding beautifully sweet with delightful, genuine, true definition. Brilliant, thank you.

M Schwaller, UK

The DX3s are miles ahead of my old DX2s, even after only about 12 hours running in. Many thanks.

R Jameson, UK

...the sound is great! Mighty and brilliant at the same time, nothing more and nothing less than what is on original recording. Just like being surrounded by live musicians!

V Pribil, Czech Republic

...the difference is nothing short of astounding. Listening to anything ranging from Grieg & Sibelius to Jimi Hendrix is a humbling experience & tears well-up as I rediscover my LP collection. It's as though the musicians were actually in the room rather than being reproduced...

D Hawkins, UK

The DX3s sound much better than the PM7Cs did when they were new, both smoother and more detailed.

J Spriggs, UK

Many thanks to you and to all the other folks at Lowther Loudspeaker Systems Ltd for such a great service.

S LoDuca, USA

Just listening to the DX4s now - they sound fab in my Medallions even before 30hrs break in time. A very worthwhile upgrade!

S Cobham, UK

Listen to the wonderful music! Lowther - for life! Thanks!!

E M Grimaud, Malta

Can I just say, superb packing. Care and attention throughout.

C Bridgeman, UK

Thank you so much, it sounds excellent!

J Highman, UK

Many thanks, the DX3s are superb

E Foster, UK

I really do [enjoy the music] and thanks for your great service!

J S Hansen, Denmark

I just want to express how great the EX3s sound now. After indeed some 70 hours or so running in, the sound is crisp, natural and never the instruments have sounded so natural. The Bicor are perfect, the level of bass is just right, not overstated as it is with the usual bass reflex home made boxes, quite a few friends have been impressed up to now and start with questions when they see it is only one single speaker which delivers all that!

As well, the sound disperson is excellent and there is hardly any difference in my ordinary dining room where they are, whether they run facing the listener or at an angle of 45 degrees! Congratulations for such masterpieces.

May I for the freshman, give the miracle recipe: Bicor 200 (yes indeed, exactly as the book says to make them), EX3s (better than EX2), aluminium coils are long to run in but just listen to the result on the piano, or easier on the trumpets or with voices!

It brings in some sound new experiences like no other sets can even think of. Beware of the very high sensitivity: powerful amps will be used at 10% no need for more!

Thank you and your team again.

G Tchekhov, France

Just to let you know that the DX2 is beautiful in Mauhorn XI cabinet, and well matched with single ended 300B.

Lowther is totally different than my fostex 206. It's definitely a worthy upgrade.

R Glorioso

The EX4s are brilliant and improving all the time.

B Dix-Peek, South Africa

I am listening to the EX3 and I became absolutely believer in Lowthers. It is a GREAT experience. Listening to my known CDs I find more and more new details, colours, tastes in the music that I didn't hear before. Some friends listened to them and most of them said they "must have it or die".

S Nagy, Hungary

Many thanks for the new DX2s you sent me. They are excellent.

A Ivimey, UK

The DX4 drive units have arrived safely, I fitted them successfully, and they sound terrific!

P Brown, UK

Thanks for a lovely job, better bass than the PM6C, and learning to love the mid-top of the EX2s.

M Hughes, UK

THEY ARE FABULOUS! I am very pleased with the combination of EX3 and EX2 in front - it gives the perfect balance....

C Knoepfel Eva, Northern Ireland

I then completed the construction of a pair of Fidelio cabinets, and am very pleased with the results. I had a pair of Quad ESL63's before, and I think the Lowthers are better, particularly in the bass region.

E Schaug, South Africa

The new units work perfect - the sound is incredible. I'm very happy with them.

T. Taustrup, Denmark

The tone is outstanding. Beautiful, clear sound throughout the wide frequency range. The bass response in the lower frequencies is absolutely clear. I have listened to choral and organ music - absolutely delightful. Many thanks to you for all your advice and help. Many thanks to your talented craftsmen who performed the upgrading. Performance - splendid!

L. J. Griffiths, UK

Thanks for your excellent service. The speakers are absolutely wonderful.

S Scott, UK

Thank you kindly for your 100% customer service.

K Hata, Japan

I wish to thank you for the wonderful service rendered to me. It gives me the peace of mind to continue using the Lowther drivers even though there is no Lowther representative in my country to service any damaged drivers.

Koon Cher Tay, Singapore

Your prompt and personalised replies are already making it obvious that Lowther's the way to go!

N Kavalis, UK

Many thanks for facilitating such a quick delivery.

I just wanted to let you know how astonishingly good my drive units are. I had never even heard your drivers before. These really are excellent drivers and bring a whole new dimension to music listening.

S Cobham, UK

Thanks for the great service! I installed the drivers last weekend and they sound great.

J Brouwer, USA

I am awfully thankful to you for your help and support. Everything was done professionally. I am looking forward to the future contacts with you and LOWTHER

D Kudryavtsev, Russia

I've just received the units. Congratulations for the speed and the quality of the packaging. Thanks again for your help.

P Gérard, Belgium

Many thanks for your product, with this the sound is so perfect.

E Vieslet, Belgium

Now I have mounted my new Lowthers in my cabinets. After a few hours, they sound stunning! Thank you very much for the good service.

A Stedje, Norway

I enjoy my new units every day. Thanks again for a safe and professional deal. I will not hesitate recommending your company and products to anyone I know.

S Berg, Denmark

I am a very satisfied owner of two DX2s and four EX2s and can not be without the Lowther sound.

P Wallander, Sweden

I really appreciate the service rendered by Lowther. Once you have a Lowther you cannot live without one. I had auditioned a few very expensive speakers but none sing as sweet as the Lowther horns. I am glad I had contacted your office and got to know that Lowther has such fantastic service.

Koon Cher Tay, Singapore

I received my new PM6 units yesterday. They are now installed and playing beautifully. I am very satisfied. Thanks a lot for a smooth and professional service.

S Berg, Denmark

Thanks very much indeed for your help -- it is a pleasure dealing with a manufacturer that actually takes the time to interact with potential customers.

T Maxwell, UK

Please let me tell you that I really appreciate the very nice service your Company gave me: I can only recommend Lowther.

A Galavotti, Italy

Having now installed the new DX3s I can only describe the result of the update as absolutely brilliant. I would also like to say that it has been a pleasure doing business with you. The whole operation being carried out in an extremely fast and efficient manner.

P McLeman, UK

The new drive units make a worthwhile difference to the performance of my speakers and I am looking forward to many hours of great sound. Many thanks to your sales, technical support and every one else at Lowther.

D Churchman, UK

The speakers are now singing and wonderful, as you said they would be, the power, clarity and speed are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. You must listen to Ravels Bolero Karajan EMI Classics on your Lowthers, just knock out unbelievable.

R Bennett, UK

I am already fond of listening to the new units, although it is with very low level until now, softly learning them to optimize their precision in reproduction sound quality.

S Stroeby Schacht, Denmark

Since three months I am enjoying the new DX3 speakers you recommended. I am highly satisfied!

I often remember your words "What has been recorded, will be heard". Regarding the sound-engineers work, the units seperate the wheat from the chaff.

K Lasch, Austria

Thank you for your helpful advice in assisting me to choose the optimum loudspeakers for my Accousta enclosures.

A Wells, UK

Thank you for your good service. I will recommend Lowther to others.

J E Gjersdal, Norway

What an improvement the DX3 make!!

A H Johnson, UK

The new PM6A drive unit sings wonderful; better than the old one.

P C Huang, Taiwan

Thank you for all your help and understanding. I love my new DX3s they are by far the best units I have ever had.

T Storm, Denmark

To confirm I have received the drive units today. . . Many thanks again for fantastic service and a product second to none.

S Metcalf, UK

The speakers have arrived safely and they really look beautiful...... What a pleasure it is to deal with a company who take such care of their customers.

R Mallows, UK

Here are the old drivers for my new EX3s. They sound superb. I can see why Lowther has its worldwide outstanding reputation.

T Appelkvist, Sweden

I got the parcel.......and have just finished mounting them in their enclosures. They sound fantastic.

TAppelkvist, Sweden

I am herewith returning exchanged EX2 units and would express my satisfaction with the new EX3 units. Many thanks for your advice and prompt service.

L Rosenberg, UK

These are my DX2 units returned in exchange for the DX3s.... The new ones have been fitted and are performing excellently. Thank you for your help.

A West-Samuel, UK

My new drive units are running in nicely and sound awesome. Thanks very much.

L Butlin, UK

Received the drivers safely today. Installed one to try it, it sounded truly wonderful.

R Mallows, UK

New unit received and fitted; working perfectly. The DX2s sound wonderful. Many thanks.

P Pickering, UK

The new PM6As have been playing for two nights now and the difference compared to the old ones is huge.

Probably the best upgrade in sound this decade.

A Blaxmo, Sweden

Thank you for the new PM6. Very pleased and enjoying every minute.

C Walker, UK

The least that can be said is that Lowther cares about its customers.

P Lepez, Belgium

Thank you for sending me the two DX2 drive units to replace the PM6A drive units in my stereo system.

I am very impressed with the performance of the new units and look forward to spending many happy hours listening to them.

R James, UK

I congratulate you again for the quality of your equipment, and to maintain your manufacturing in England, and I hope it will last much longer.

D Langlois, France

I am very pleased with the DX4 drive units I have received and would like to thank you for your pleasant and efficient service.

Dr J Franklin, UK

I just wanted to express my delight with the sounds received from my Lowther speakers which is why I want to stay tuned to Lowther.

They have been a delight to all who have listened to them - And that is why I wish "to stay tuned".

J W Tudisco, USA

The new drive units fit the Veritas enclosures well and are sounding good.

Many thanks for your excellent service

P Coster, UK

Thank you very much indeed. My Mauhorn was finally a way to become a Lowther user and to have the possibility to check in an easy and comfortable way this wonderful driver to become familiar with its music in my home (my room is more than 100m2 big). I was always impressed in the past but I was not sure it could fit in my room. Now I am a very proud owner about this sensational speaker that I keep in the middle of my collection.

M Kissing, Italy

The main upgrade from DX3 to EX3 drive units has been very successful, and the system sounds splendid - you really do hear the music, not the speakers.

JBoyce, UK

The new units arrived in perfect shape, and sound great! I now hear details in the music that I never heard before, and there is so many songs, where I can now hear what the lyrics are, and I never could before.


M Hansen, Denmark

Thank you for the EX2s. They sound fantastic - even when not run in.

Thank you for making the lovely speakers.

D Tayler, UK

I have received the 4 EX4s. They sound super.

Thank you for a very nice conversation and some super nice loudspeakers, I have had Lowthers since the early seventies, and I'm sure I'll stay with you.

T Friis, Denmark

The EX4 drivers are installed and are singing beautifully for me, the improvement from DX3s is very significant; it's like buying a new music system.

R Safar, Indonesia

I am still enjoying my EX3s greatly, so much so that I am looking to buy a new amplifier to do them justice.

M Eisler, UK

Please find enclosed my DX3s which are returned in exchange for the new EX3s.

Would you believe it, they sound fantastic, I have tried my very detailed wildlife recordings through them and they have revealed all.

R C Boughton, UK

I am returning the PM6As in exchange for the DX2s which I received today.

Many thanks for the prompt delivery. The performance is excellent and I shall now enjoy Lowther speakers into their 5th decade!

J K Lee, UK

The items have arrived. As far as I'm concerned I have to send very big compliment. Your service is a class apart. With thanks and best regards.

W Settele, Germany

Please find enclosed my drive units in exchange for the DX2s. As you stated in our phone conversation these are 'an incredible step forward'.

J Read, UK

The DX3 drivers are now installed, run in, and giving excellent results.

May I take this opportunity to pass on my thanks for the very courteous reply to my telephone enquiry regarding this transaction, and also pass on my praise for a product that has served so well. This quality is the reason for returning to you for replacement parts.

A Brentnall, UK

Just a note to say how delighted I am with the EX4 drivers. The new drivers sounded better than the EX3s, right from the word go; even more so than described in your offer letter! After subsequent listening they just seem to be getting better and better. Many thanks for your excellent service.

R Binks, UK

The new DX4 drivers are really good and much better than I expected. The sound is much more focussed and instruments are more stable on the sound stage. Your excellent sound has just got better.

Thanks for the pleasure.

T R Thacker, UK

The change to the EX4 was a matter of some apprehension; my Delphics (to me) sounded absolutely marvellous and I questioned my sense in going for an update to EX4.

I duly fitted the new units, switched on FM at very low level for 30 hours in total. Even at low volume, I immediately sensed some dramatic changes. At normal volume, the changes are vivid and dramatic. Even greater detail delivered in utterly smooth accuracy. Instrument placement even more precise and an even wider sound stage.

It is early days for me, but I am not aware of any loudspeakers at all.

In short I am absolutely delighted and thrilled.

J T Dean, UK

Herewith my PM7 speakers in exchange for the EX4s, with which I am very pleased.

Even with the low volume whilst I am running them in, I think the EX4s are superb, and as you said, it is as if a blanket has been removed from the front of the speakers. I'm so glad I decided on the exchange.

W H E Fowkes, UK

With regard to the EX4s, they are exemplary in every respect, and it may be of help and interest if I cite one or 2 (!) characteristics which have struck me, namely:-

  1. Natural breadth of sound stage, with precise yet unobtrusive location of instruments.
  2. Very natural sound and 'timbre'.
  3. Easy to listen to - plenty of 'air' round the sound.
  4. Wide dynamic range.
  5. Piano sound - superb.
  6. Singer accompanied by, e.g. say, piano - excellent separation of the two sources, combined with 'togetherness'.
  7. A remarkable sense of a 'live' musical experience.
  8. An ability to improve the occasional 'awkward' recording.

These are the salient impressions so far, and I thought you would like to know about them. Others will no doubt occur to me, but to list them would prolong this letter unduly. To sum up, these are outstanding loudspeakers, and I am delighted with them.

J Parker, UK

Please find enclosed one of two EX3 drive units, returned against the Service Replacement order referenced above.

Even in the brief time I have run them (around 80 hours), the EX4s are proving to be well worth the upgrade cost.

K Chadwick, UK

The two EX3 loudspeaker units that are enclosed in this parcel have been sent to you as part exchange for the EX4s I ordered from you on August 24th. These arrived on September 15th.

Although they have not quite completed their running-in period the new units are already performing splendidly and are a great pleasure to listen to.

B Thomas, UK

Have now run my Lowther drivers for well over thirty hours and have turned them up a little and the are fantastic, there is no other word for them. I can assure you they were well worth waiting for and better than I ever thought possible. You now have an avid supporter of Lowther speakers in South Africa and don't hesitate to quote me, or refer anyone to me.

With my very best wishes.

R Glover, South Africa

Twenty-eight days were not required to hear the merits of this speaker design, but in a matter of moments the improvement was obvious. I have never heard such a transparent speaker-one which contributes so little of its own characteristics to the signal.

Many thanks for your prompt service.

F Kuri, USA

This email is to thank you very much and to say how much I missed my Lowthers; I was using a spare set of speakers and it is difficult to describe the difference in quality of sound with my Lowthers. Thank you again.

J Dupont, UK

Just received the drive units, mounted them already and they sing oh how they sing.... First impression is very good, and if it is good now it should be much better after a month or so when they really play in. Thank you and keep on producing units like these.

F Sever, Slovenia

Just a quick note to let you know that with the passage of time, the TP1s just get better and better. I am sure that changes to the amp power supply may also have something to do with it, but WOW what a great speaker. I should have written a computer program tonight, but I just could not pull myself away from listening to the music. It has to be one of the best systems I have ever heard. The bass just gets better and better - so dynamic and full.

I just cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. The EX4s are simply amazing.

D Eaton, UK

Many years ago I built PM4s into the the corners of my sitting room using a design adapted from the original Crabbe Horns. We built the horns separately from steel plating and cemented them into place afterwards.

The sound was outstanding. But exchanging the PM4s recently for EX4s (via your kind offer) has made for an even greater result. I am really hugely enjoying my music.

J van Zyl, South Africa

I often think of you when I listen to my superb Lowther speakers, that get better and better.

R Glover, South Africa

In 7th Heaven - wonderful detail on records I have had for years and never heard before.

P Burford, UK

Absolutely delighted, a wonderful sound, many thanks.

Dr Alabaster, UK

Absolutely delighted, worth the long drive in heavy rain. Thank you so much.

Mr Carnes, UK

Thank you so much, they are wonderful.

Mr Krajewski, UK

Just to say how pleased I am with the units.

J Choppin, UK


Mr Hawgood, UK

Wonderful sound, thanks.

Mr Mayes, UK

Amazing, wonderful.

F Reps, USA

Wonderful, stupendous, marvellous, what more can I say?

M Bell, UK

Absolutely wonderful. Will have to have all 8 changed on my Accolade 4s now. Thank you so much.

T Bradden, UK

Thanks very much for the new units. Wow! The new units are stupendous. They are very, very, very excellent.

P Hamilton, UK