Lowther PM6A Drive Unit
PM6A Drive UnitPM6A Drive Unit
DC Resistance of Voice Coil Re 7.4 ohms
Free Air Resonance Fo 45 Hz
Emission Piston Area Sd 0.021M²
Equivalent Volume Suspension Vas 56.001 Ltrs
Suspension Compliance Cms 894.264 u M/N
Mass of Cone Mmd 11.0 g
Mass of Moving Parts Mms 12.75 g
Force Factor Bl 7.283 T-M
Mechanical Q Factor Qms 4.252
Electrical Q Factor Qes 0.513
Total Q Factor Qts 0.457
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1 kHz Le 128.56 uH
Reference Efficiency No 1.106%
Sound Pressure Level SPL 92.457 Db