I believe I wrote you to let you know the two loudspeakers arrived
safely  a couple of days after they left your hands.  I hope I did.

I waited to install them.  I was mindful of your instructions regarding
the need for a controlled, sterile process, and waited until my son was
available, so we could have four hands working on mounting them in their
cabinets.  The recommendation that the speakers be kept away from
clothing almost tempted me to complete the process in our birthday suits.

When I turned on the amplifier (low volume) one of the speakers was as
quiet as a mouse, but the other engaged in random clicks and crackle.
Not another trans-Atlantic trip we hoped!  By switching components and
wires we pinned the cause down not to the speakers, but to one of the
two amplifiers.  Barry Falcon suggested I rock ever so slightly the
amplifier’s two vacuum tubes or use emery paper on their pins.  We did
that and the problem was completely solved.

It was so satisfying yesterday afternoon to sit down on a comfortable
sofa and listen to gorgeously reproduced music.  Thank you.

John Gardner