What they say about us

Hello Martin

At long last I’ve been able to listen to my Lowther PM6C reconditioned drive units.

They sound even better than I remember when my Father used to listen to them !

A great job – thank you.


Adrian Mills – UK – 15th July 2020

Hi Martin,

I hope all is well with you. Just a note that I have completed the trapezoidal Onken enclosures for the PM6A you sent back in April. Design is by David Dlugos of Planet 10 HiFi in Victoria, BC. These are made of 18mm Baltic Birch with solid red oak vent spacers. Finished with 12 coats of amber shellac and a top coat blend of orange oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax.

I’ve only been listening for a few minutes, but they sound wonderfully detailed, musical, and lively.


Jeffrey Drouin, USA 15th July 2020

Hi Martin,

Since Lowther feels friendly and family like, here is a photo and text you may use for your website as you like, even though there is a Fostex next to it. If you need a story, I have been building backloaded horns for Fostex, Tangband, SEAS and others as my hifi hobby. I left Lowther aside until i felt i had enough experience. Years ago, i bought a Lowther cabinet plan, but knew it was beyond my woodwork skills. Anyway, i set 2020, as the year for Lowther, having read accounts from enthusiastic owners. Cabinet is loosely based on the cabinet for the Fostex 206. I have built the cabinet for the Fostex 208, but felt it did not “breathe”. Anyway, the PM4A (8ohm, silver) in this cabinet is wonderful! The front panel is removable for me to try my other drivers. A notch filter was added, (3.9mF, 0.1mH, 6.2ohm). The supertweeter is crossed in at 10kHz, (0.2mH, 1.2mF). I have used it with various amplifiers from single ended triodes, pentodes, and the usual transistor suspects. There may been many accounts on the internet about “Lowther shout”, which I assume means treble peak. However, as a proud owner, I consider it a plus, because for poorer recordings of violins especially, changing the resistor to 8.2ohms works. Eventually, I will build a switch so that I do not have to change the resistor. Personally, a little treble lift is more lively for me. And the quality of the bass outweighs whatever extension you might get from multiway speakers on drums and double bass. (The mouth is 18×28 inches, internal length say 5 to 6 feet. I use a low powered transistor amp with low damping)

Until I heard it, i did not believe the accounts. Naturally, before I die or lose my hearing, I hope to hear the PM4A in a size no object master carpenter built factory designed cabinet. Next year, i might try the EX4 in a more ambitious cabinet with fewer bends, smoother expansion, and narrower baffle. The strengths of the PM4A need to be experienced. Piano music brings tears..i can imagine that those who choose Lowther speakers with a flatter response which I notice are those with less strong magnets, are missing that very last bit of speed that for me is the Lowther magic. If I could draw the plans properly, i am happy to share them with anyone. Very easy to construct and tweak as seen from the foam balls. Call me a believer!

Chieh Schen Teng 9th June 2020

Having had 4 Lowther PM6 speakers, my fathers, sitting unserviceable in a cupboard for the last 30 years I contacted Martin and his team for help and advice. I cannot express how helpful in every way the team has been. For the first time in my life all four of the driver units have all been reunited with their cabinets and the results are even better than I remembered from my childhood. British and brilliant.

Richard Merry 1st July 2020

Dear Martin,

Thank you for producing a new pair of PM8A for me: The PM8A is outperforming my other lowthers in my medium sized horn and not only convinced me but also the auditorium of a local cinema when I was using my horns with a 300B tube amp for the sound of the opera Rigolette recorded at lake Bodensee in Bregenz (see picture). To be honest – I did not expect to fill this big room with absolutely live musicality of the opera with my small lowther horns but we were really blown away. Meanwhile I build a second pair of those horns – PM8A is running without any damping with breathtaking dynamics and musicality and the bass is clean and balanced. And compared to my older PM8A your newly produced pair is even a bit more crisp or detailed. I think I will come back to you for new order soon.

Mach1, Germany


Good afternoon Martin
Thank you , You are Santa Claus for me.
Marvelous, Wonderful, Excellent, I have no words but Thank you!
Super fast arriving PM4 .
They give me great Music.
Thank you again, Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Yoshitaka Tatsumi – 17th December 2019

I received new DX45 drivers. Now my home-made speakers speaks beautifully again! I want to thank you and everyone at Lowther to keep the legendary tradition alive. Here I share with you two pictures of my horn speakers with new drivers.


Pictures to follow …………………..

Lee Weng, USA 10th December 2019