Lowther Loudspeaker Systems Ltd.

Where Technology Becomes "Live" Musicp


We are the Industry Leaders in Loudspeaker Technology.

We are the World Leader in Horn-Loaded design.

We produce the most efficient Full Range Drive Units in the world.

We use super alloys of high magnetic permeability, allowing the use of the maximum amount of magnetic energy available.

Lowther Is For Life

What we mean is that once Lowther Loudspeakers are listened to, audio and hi-fi perfectionists stay with them for life, and those that stray come back. The reproduction is the most life-like available, and gives the feeling of being in the concert hall.


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EX4 Drive Unit

PM2A is fitted with an Alnico magnet assembly,
reaching 2.1 Tesla..........see more

Each model in the EX range incorporates an acoustic chamber precisely tuned for optimum performance..........see more